Manja Lilek. Manja. Manja. There’s no one else like her in this world I am sure. With Manja – “anything is possible” – one our favorite phrases we’ve heard this past two weeks. She made it happen. From a cruise down the beautiful coast of Croatia to a week of road tripping through the mountains and valleys of Croatia and Slovenia – mountaintop homesteads, family vineyards and homemade slivo, way too many stairs, beautiful lakes, caves, and waterfalls, architecture to make your eyes bulge and a history of every place we visited, food unimaginable, and family. So much family. We couldn’t have had a better person, guide-now-friend, to lead the way. She was truly awesome. I will miss her voice and beautiful accent. I will dream of her voice I am sure. Thank you Manja for being more than a guide, but for sharing your love of knowledge and bringing together our family. We couldn’t have experienced this without you. Much love and many blessing to you and Tom and your children. Our home will always welcome you in Kansas City.

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