My wife and I visited Slovenia in September, 2014. Manja was our personal guide, and a wonderful guide she was.

Our trip started with flight delays in New York causing us to miss our flight from Zurich to Ljubljana. The next flight had us arriving 11 hours later at 10PM at night. Aware of our delays, Manja obtained the keys to our apartment, met us at the airport and delivered us safely to the apartment. We had not planned to meet her until the following morning, so this was a very welcome and unexpected surprise.

I had with us a copy of my father’s birth certificate. So in addition to showing us the beautiful highlights of Slovenia, Manja took us to the town and the church where my father was baptized. She arranged for us to meet with a number of “Mihevc’s” and through her efforts, was able to trace my heritage back to 1746. It is a wonderful and cherished discovery.
Slovenia is a beautiful country with lovely, caring people. Manja exemplifies the best of Slovenia.

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